Manage Your Grief And Find Comfort In These Yoga Poses

Taking care of yourself during a time of loss and grief is important. This is why yoga is currently the “in” thing today, among the young and the old. Given that yoga focuses on wellness of the body and the spirit, the exercises and sequences taught in a yoga open class can be applied to your personal healing process. There are many ways yoga can help with grief and recovery from loss or trauma. In this article, we will introduce to you some basic poses and techniques from yoga which you can try out. Also known as “asanas” in the world of yoga, you can start trying out these poses anytime (right now if you wanted to) and anywhere (even in the comforts of your home)!

If you have never been to a yoga studio or heard anything about yoga practices, fret not! You do not have to be in the fittest form or have the best body to participate! Yoga is not about fitness or losing weight; it is about you as a person. All that we ask of you is to have an open heart and an open mind when going through any one of the yoga techniques. These “asanas” are such simple and introductory exercises that you could do even if you feel terrible or unfit.

1. Child’s Pose

The first pose is known as the Child’s Pose. Start by resting your forehead on the mat. Remain in the pose for three to five breaths. You should focus on the feelings of your lungs expanding and contracting.

2. Sphinx Pose

To go into the Sphinx Pose, set your elbows under your shoulders as you lie on your belly. Lift your head and upper torso away from the mat into a mild backbend. With five to ten breaths, release any tension through your exhales.

3. Fish Pose

This pose requires you lie on your back and tuck your hands underneath your buns. Arching your back and lifting your chest, your head or crown should come to rest on the floor. The Fish Pose focuses on opening the throat and the heart.

4. Legs Up The Wall Pose

It is said that this pose is able to cure or alleviate whatever that might ail you. As the name suggests, this pose requires you to place your legs against the wall with your back flat to the ground. You can choose to use a rolled-up blanket or a bolster for support.

5. Corpse Pose

Lie on your back and relax your arms to the sides as you enter this final pose. As you breathe, close your eyes and feel total relaxation fall upon you.

With these simple positions, you can start to become mindful of your body and mind. Pay attention to your heart and shift your grief in ways that will empower you.

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