COVID-19: 4 Ways To Keep Bonds Tighter Than Ever Before

To keep ourselves safe and healthy during the COVID-19 crisis, we all have to play our part by keeping our distance from each other.

The virus can be spread through droplets produced when an infected person sneezes, coughs or speaks. It is even possible to get infected when you are within 1 metre of a person with the virus through breathing.

COVID-19 can also be contracted when you come into contact with a contaminated surface, and without washing your hands touch either of your body parts like your nose, eyes or mouth.

In other words, it is extremely important that we stay home as much as possible or limit our contact with others when out buying food or grocery shopping.

Henceforth, putting aside our usual articles regarding furnished apartments for rent – we have put together a few ways you can still keep yourself connected with your peers amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Read on to find out what they are!

1. Netflix Party

Love Netflix, but sometimes you’d rather have some extra company to watch a show with?

Then, Netflix Party is the answer for you!

Just like a watching party simulation, get together with your friends online and watch any kind of Netflix programme you have in mind. Plus, there’s even integrated chat features which allows you to discuss the TV series and films while they’re playing.

Say goodbye to missing an opportunity to watching an upcoming film with your favourite actors or actresses – now; you can just organise a movie night and start laughing and crying together.

As long as you have a Netflix account, all you need to do to start a virtual viewing part is to download the extension on your Google Chrome browser. Then, you’re all set and ready to start the party!

2. Play games via messaging apps

iPhone buddies, it’s time to unite.

GamePigeon has probably already been automatically downloaded into your phone – so, you know what that means – game time!

With the iMessage extension, yourself and a friend can be kept entertained for hours with tons of two-player games like shuffleboard, checkers, and cup pong. The only problem with this app is, it’s only limited to Apple users – so your Android buddies can’t join in.

Fret not though; there’s still Telegram here to the rescue!

There are lots of bots within the app whereby you can find all sorts of games to keep yourself occupied and entertained – such as Chat Against Humanity, Werewolf Moderator, Quizarium, and Gamee.

3. Bunch

Video chatting is the “remedy” for our lack of social interaction right now, and Bunch acts as a great help with that!

If you thought playing mobile games together like PUBG Mobile, UNO, and Minecraft are a whole lot of fun with your friends already – then, you’re wrong.

Bunch is ten times better because you get to see your friends’ reaction as you’re playing – so, hola to all the hilarious faces and furious, raging moments!

You can bring up to eight of your friends and start battling against each other and cracking up. If your friends don’t really play any external apps like the mentioned-above types, then you can also look forward to other built-in games like Draw Party, Pool, Trivia, and many more.

4. Free-to-play browser games

Perhaps you find it a tad too tedious to download any MMOs on your desktop or laptop – then, why not try out the numerous multiplayer browser games online instead?

No download needed and no space taken up – hooray, indeed!

Try out and compete with one another through the art of drawing and guessing – naturally, the higher the points, the higher the chances of winning the game.

Meanwhile, there are tons of other games like Town of Salem and even a free, online version of Cards Against Humanity – a game where you pick out the funniest answers with the chosen question card, and see who has the best joke!

Keeping our ties strong with our fellow peers and loved ones is what keeps us strong during this difficult period – we should do all we can to stay connected with one another!

We will still be proceeding with our usual operations, and existing residents can still access our fully serviced apartments as per normal. Residents will still have to strictly comply with the rules and measures put in place by the government amidst the Circuit Breaker period, so we should all do what we can to help – even if it’s as simple as abiding the rules. Together, we can tide over the COVID-19 crisis if everyone does their part!

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