Why Is It Important To Take Responsibility Of Your Learning

Learning a language is challenging and without a doubt, the motivation and grit you possess at the start of the journey will start to wane once you reach midway through. Learning and practice get harder with every level upgrade and you may want to even give up halfway.

In order to reach the mastery level you desire, you will first need to take responsibility for your learning. This requires you to stop expecting anybody else to put in the effort for you, and it is up to you to be proactive in your own learning. Whether it means attending lessons, or putting yourself in an environment that forces you to speak in that language 24/7, being proactive and responsible in your learning is what will ensure you master the language. It will not be easy, which is why we’ve gathered practical steps to help you do it.

Documenting Your Progress

When pursuing anything, the first thing you’d want to do is to set your goals. This will allow you to visualise where you’d want to be at the end of your learning journey, how to get there and what are your resources.

Next, documenting your progress and checking it side-by-side with the timeline and goals you’ve previously created. This could be written in a personal journal and the like, but if you wish to have an extra burst of motivation, you can consider letting people know! By going public with your journey and your goals, there is this subconscious obligation to keep your audience in the know with how you’re faring. You can talk to your friends and family members, or even go online. There are several individuals who document their progress on YouTube, and receive motivation and feedback from the community as well.

Plan For Accountability And Rewards

Letting others in on your plan is a great approach, but it’s best to reach out to those who are as serious in learning languages as you are. To make real progress, you’d want to plan for substantial accountability.

Reach out to language communities and get yourself a language buddy. They can either be a peer but to get the most benefit, be friends with one who is a native speaker in the language you’re learning. In exchange for their guidance, you can also guide them in a language you’re familiar with. For instance, if you want to learn English, you can link up with an English native speaker and you can help them with another language. Make it into a weekly meetup and you’d be able to take more accountability of your learning this way.

Wherever you’re accountable, don’t forget to include appropriate rewards for the milestones.

Lastly, Enjoy Learning

Motivation can easily wax and wane, but discipline will not. Whilst this much is true, learning is much more than attending your English courses and implementing what you learn outside of your classroom. The learning journey can be both enriching and enjoyable. Make learning less overwhelming by first learning how to enjoy the process. Learn how thrilling a challenge can be, and how rewarding and satisfying it can be once you’ve overcome the obstacle.

With a little bit of discipline and constant practice, reaching the mastery level is not a mere pipedream. Take a step towards your goal and work for it!

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