Top 3 Benefits Of Using Social Media To Learn Chinese

These days, most people are spending a lot of time on social media. And if you are one of those people, then it’s time to put it to good use!

There are social media accounts for everything, from animal fan accounts to baking channels. And social media wouldn’t be complete with some language-learning accounts as well! Some of these are accounts handled by language teachers and schools, while others are influencers who document their language learning journey online.

If you are learning a language, keeping up to date with a few language-learning social media accounts is a great idea. Here are some reasons why you should look for a couple to follow right now!


When you follow an account of a learner who is learning the same language as you, it’s like having someone you can look up to and learn from. Chances are, they’ll have gone through some similar experiences as you, and made the same mistakes that every learner make. Through their experiences and tips, you can get advice on learning methods that work and those which don’t.

An added advantage of this is that you feel less alone! Seeing that everyone else faces challenges while learning a new language, there’s no reason to feel demoralised or afraid. You can laugh at their mistakes and brush them off, and do the same to the slip-ups you make.


Social media influencers have to be popular for a reason! When you source for the most-followed language learning accounts, chances are, they are also very fun, vibrant, and informative channels. Some might be loved for their hilarious personalities, while others may be well-received for their impeccably organised tutorials and teaching materials.

When they make their content so easy to enjoy, you will hardly feel like you are studying! Moreover, you don’t have to actively follow to reap the benefits. Just seeing a few posts on your feed a day could be enough to give you some helpful tips and tricks.


The best part about following language learning accounts is the community of like-minded individuals you’ll find. It’s easy to find other language learners in the fan club of these accounts, and even find amazing recommendations for learning resources, language chatting buddies, and more.

For quick queries, you can even leave a comment on their post asking a question and they or other readers will already have an answer for you after an hour or two. This allows you to speed up your learning process because you have someone that can provide you with further personal instruction, often without any fee or charge.


Social media isn’t always a time-waster, as you can see. It can also be a helpful learning supplement for your language learning journey!

Learning Chinese is no easy feat, but following an account or two of other language learners can help you feel less alone! Furthermore, it doesn’t take much time or effort to do so. Who knows? If you find a channel you really like, you might even end up spending hours of fun binge-watching or reading their content, and learning in the process!

Just don’t forget to keep up with your regular Chinese course content as well! While social media can be fun, a Chinese course in Singapore is still immensely helpful in keeping you organised and on track to pass any critical certifications you are working towards.

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