The Importance Of Hiring Professional Façade Cleaners

The external façade is the face of the building. Whether you are the manager of an office building or a shopping mall, you will want your building to look pristine from the outside. While it is sometimes possible for in-house staff to clean the façade, more often than not, professional help is needed to effectively and safely wash the building’s exterior.

To that end, many building or business owners engage commercial cleaning services that can help to accomplish the task for them. If you are still on the fence about whether to engage cleaning services for your building façade, here are some reasons why regular professional cleaning can benefit your business.

1. Customer or employee satisfaction

From office buildings to storefronts, the fact of the matter is that appearances count. A clean, stain-free façade gives off an air of professionalism and would inspire more confidence in employees and customers alike.

Employees arriving at a less-than-enticing workplace exterior may very well feel less motivated for the day ahead, especially for buildings whether the façade can be seen from within the offices. On the other hand, those who are met with a pristine exterior may be able to take more pride in their workplace, and thus be more motivated.

Similarly, customers or clients would look at a well-maintained façade, and the businesses within the building, in a more favourable light. Indeed, the first impression is everything for many consumers, so it would benefit any commercial building to have its exterior kept spick and span. This is especially so in the COVID-19 era, where consumers are even keener on cleanliness.

2. Prevent damage

Many commercial building façades are made of materials like glass or metal. These materials can be easily stained, or even damaged, by the environment in several ways. The effects can become even worse for buildings that allow these issues to persist, due to a lack of proper maintenance.

One of the major threats to glass and metal is minerals. Parts of the façade like stone or masonry can have minerals leach out of it. When these minerals reach the façade, it can easily cause hard-to-remove stains on glass, or corrode metal.

Buildings without stone are not safe either, as minerals can come from rainwater as well. Over a long period of exposure, minerals in the water can cause unsightly ‘water stains’ to form on glass. Fortunately, these potentially costly inconveniences can be avoided through regular maintenance.

 3. Improve health

Some façades have shapes that can be rather appealing to certain pests. It is not uncommon to see birds, rodents, or bugs living along or within the building façade. This is, of course, undesirable for any building and can pose a significant health risk, especially those with high foot traffic.

Birds that make their nests in the facades can pose additional issues as well, given that their droppings would be quite an unseemly sight. With regular commercial cleaning, it becomes much harder for these pests to make the façade their home.

 4. Professional experience

The principle advantage of commercial cleaning in Singapore is that they have professional expertise. They are updated with the latest knowledge in the façade cleaning industry, which means that they can craft a cleaning plan that is both productive for the building’s cleanliness and secure for their cleaners.

For example, different types of material on the façades would call for varying cleaning methods. Commercial cleaning companies know the appropriate equipment, supplies, and chemicals necessary to clean the required material, as well as the essential safety precautions. For a spotless exterior, hiring commercial cleaning services is the way to go.

We offer façade cleaning as a part of our commercial and residential cleaning services. Our professional cleaners can clean the exterior glass surfaces, as well as the aluminium cladding with specially selected cleaning materials. For an immaculate and healthy working or living environment, engage our cleaning experts!

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