The 4 Best Ways To Keep Your Carpark Well Maintained

Car park maintenance can prove to be one of the more challenging tasks for property managers. While car park facilities may seem sparse at a glance, there are many easy-to-miss aspects of maintaining the area.

A large amount of space, in combination with the numerous instalments, require that property managers take many things into account when drafting a car park cleaning and maintenance plan. This is especially so amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, where residents would have an even greater appreciation for clean and well-maintained facilities.

Here are just some of the car park maintenance activities that can be considered when choosing your condo cleaning services.

Cleaning the floors

While residents seldom spend a lot of time in car parks, it is still imperative to keep the floors in good condition. Having clumps of dust and dirt scattered around the car park can be an eyesore for residents. It could even have detrimental effects on residents allergic to dust since it does not take much exposure time for their allergies to start kicking in.

Another concern is stagnant pools of water. If not cleared periodically, they could turn into mosquito breeding grounds, or even start to grow algae that stain the floor. These concerns can be easily abated with a regular cleaning schedule. Most residential and commercial cleaning services alike use high-powered water jets to clean the concrete or metal flooring effectively.

Clearing rubbish

Nothing is more unsightly than an overflowing rubbish bin, even in a car park. Trash littered across the ground presents additional health hazards as well. In addition to possibly becoming a mosquito breeding ground, food waste can also easily attract pests like rodents or insects.

Even in the best-case scenario, where residents are mindful of their rubbish and do not litter, leaf litter can end up clogging up the car park. Addressing both of these problems requires a concerted clean-up effort, with the regular clearing of rubbish bins, as well as litter cleaning measures.

Maintenance of essential instalments

There are a host of miscellaneous facilities around the car park that need to be maintained. For instance, pay and display (P&D) machines are easy to forget about, but they need to be cleaned too. This is made even more important in the COVID-19 era, where anything that could come into contact with several people needs to be cleaned often. Other facilities that may fall under this category include railings, doors, and keypads.

Aside from cleaning, some facilities are also prone to breakage. For instance, speed bumps can sometimes be worn down over the years, and require some fixing to function properly. Considering that this could become a safety hazard, it is important to have regular inspections as well, such that the problem can be fixed quickly by the professionals.


Paint on the floor will fade away with time. Demarcations of individual parking lots, stop lines, or directional arrows can start to disappear, especially in car parks exposed to the elements. This can present a safety hazard as drivers often rely on these markings to drive around or park safely. Additionally, driving in a car park with unclear markings can be frustrating to residents.

Paint that is from wearing down may be inevitable, but that does not mean that it cannot be spruced up and maintained. Some residential cleaning services also handle paintwork for car parks. By repainting the markings when necessary, you ensure that they remain visibly crisp and clear for all residents.


Maintaining your property’s car park can be difficult, but it is an essential part of managing any condo residence. Other than the listed activities, many other tasks can be done depending on the circumstances, such as pest control or mould removal.

In any case, it can save time and effort to hire professional condo cleaning services to maintain your property’s car park. These companies would have the resources and expertise necessary to take all the tedious maintenance off your hands.

We handle the paintwork, repairing of speedbumps, and so much more – in addition to car park cleaning. Let us help you with all your car park maintenance and other residential cleaning service needs.

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