Sexual Health: 4 Common Misconceptions About STD Testing

When it comes to ensuring good sexual health, an STD test is important for all sexually active individuals. It is crucial to understand why an STD test is key to staying healthy – an STD test not only protects you, it also protects your partner’s health too.

There are many misconceptions that have arisen with STD testing, causing people to avoid getting tested altogether. To ensure that you have a better understanding, here are a few common STD testing misconceptions and what you should know.

1. STD testing can be extremely painful

If you have heard from others regarding the painful procedures of STD testing, fret not as STD tests are not only pain-free, they are also quick and easy. While there are many steps to take to complete your STD test, you should understand that there are only a few specific tests you should take for your condition.

A few tests include urine testing, swabbing cheeks, physical exam to check on your genital area, blood test, and a few others. Not only are STD tests painless, but it can be done quickly and easily.

2. It is embarrassing to go for an STD test

Did you know that STDs are much more common than perceived? One in two sexually active people is likely to contract STD before they reach the age of 25. This means that if you know any sexually active people, it is likely that they have gone through an STD testing once in their life.

When it comes to checking up on your physical health, you should never be ashamed. Receiving any check-up or test to ensure that you are healthy is a personal and responsible decision and one that can potentially protect you from unknowing illnesses.

3. STD testing can lead to bad news

This misconception is often labelled false for many reasons. While getting an STD test may not automatically mean a positive result for the individual, it should not deter you from checking up on your own health and getting an early treatment before it is too late. Preventing an STD is always better than cure.

Most importantly, if your STD test does come back positive, there are many ways of treatment available.

When you visit an STD clinic in Singapore, there are doctors on-hand ready to assist you with the right treatment options and medication. No matter what your results may be, you can be assured that you will receive the treatment you require so that you can continue living a healthy life.

4. Since I use protection, I do not require STD testing

Taking precautionary steps and being responsible during sex is one of the first steps to ensure that you and your partner are safe from STDs. While protection can be reliable for many people against STDs, it is only effective if you use it all the time, and use it correctly.

There is also a small chance of contracting an STD even with protection, so getting tested is a sure way to know that neither partner has it. For many who do not use proper protection during sex, then an STD test can be a lifesaver and bring a peace of mind. It can also help you and your partner be responsible for each other’s health, and keep each other safe from STDs.


It is vital that STD testing no longer becomes something that individuals should be afraid of taking. In many cases, an STD test can be important in helping you to detect cases early and seek treatment so that you can continue to remain healthy. We also provide HIV testing for our patients, as well as warts treatment, to help you continue to stay healthy and safe.

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