Great Ideas For You To Show Appreciation To Your Staffs

It is the end of a long year at work, and you want to find a way to reward your staff. They deserve to have a time of relaxation and recognition for their hard work throughout the year. What can you do for them?

Here are some brilliant ideas suitable for the year-end at the office:

Celebrate together

The end of the year marks several international holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the upcoming New Year’s Day. These make good reasons to celebrate and chill out as an office. Festivities allow employees to take a break and forget about work for a while. It is not advisable to hold these celebrations on the actual holidays, though, as it is in the welfare of the staff to have the actual day off to spend with family and loved ones. Instead, take half a day off on a workday. This also ensures that employees will be able to attend this celebration together.

Take requests from your staff

If you are dry on ideas of what you can do for your staff, ask them! You’ll be surprised at some of the simple things that would make them happy. One way to do this is to implement a suggestion box. Ask the team to write their requests and slip them in the box. A small group of ‘wish granters’ will then review the requests and try to materialise them. Even if some of the requests are impractical, a small gesture towards it can go a long way to showing your care for your employees.

Show your appreciation

Good work should be made rewarded and made known, so that employees feel acknowledged for their efforts. You can share their achievements on the company website or in a ‘walk of fame’ in the office, and have an awards presentation for the top performers. Make sure no one is left out by gifting everyone with a small token of appreciation. Most corporate gifts suppliers have cheap personalised gifts on wholesale that are worth more than they cost. Take custom plaques or passport holders, for instance, they’re great ideas for a unique gift with a personal touch.

Treat your staff

For all that the staff has been doing for the company, it would be a nice gesture to treat the staff once in a while to a surprise meal. It is a convenient way to get everyone together and show appreciation to them without being too much of a hassle. Treats can also come in the form of little gifts for your employees. Your specially selected gifts can be packed in pouches from a non-woven bag supplier for that extra detail.

There are many simple but thoughtful ideas you can use to show appreciation to your staff. It doesn’t only have to happen during the year-end – you can surprise your staff any time with your acts of affirmation and acknowledgement all year round!

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