5 Ideal Occasions To Present Your Loved Ones With Flowers

Flowers are indefinitely the perfect gift. Apart from being a vehicle of love and care, flowers are also known to lift moods and reduce stress levels. However, the timing and occasion also matters. When are flowers most commonly given as a gift?

Let’s look at the best occasions to gift someone a beautiful bouquet.


What better way is there to show your partner your love and affection for them than to gift them a beautiful bouquet while celebrating a joyous milestone?

On such a happy day, a beautiful bouquet only adds on to the positive emotions. There are also many different types of flower arrangements available, so flowers are a perfect gift that you can give every anniversary. It is also very convenient as most florists in Singapore offer flower bouquet delivery to your doorstep.


Graduations are a significant milestone for students. It is a celebration for their success and hard work as a student. Most of the time, it is a celebration before one moves on to the next phase of their lives.

Giving a bouquet on such an occasion would leave a lasting impression on someone since it is a symbol of you congratulating them on completing their education.

To apologise 

We have all experienced moments where we have made mistakes that we regret. In these situations, it’s not always easy to come forward and apologise.

An excellent way to show that you realise your mistakes and are coming forward to reconcile would be through the delivery of flowers. It helps to ease tensions and allows you to express what’s hard to say in words.

To lower anxiety or stress

There have been studies proving that flowers can decrease stress and anxiety when gifted to people. This is the driving reason why many people send flowers to their friends and families before a stress-inducing event like surgery.

Having flowers at the bedside boosts emotions like optimism and decreases stress, benefitting one’s recovery process from serious surgeries. It also feels good knowing that people have taken time to send flowers to wish you a speedy recovery.

Valentine’s Day

Similar to an anniversary, Valentine’s Day is a special day that people usually go out of their way to show their love for their partners. The ideal gift that makes your significant other feel special, loved and thought of on a special day is a bouquet.

It is also perfect if you are someone who finds it hard to express yourself. A bouquet of roses on Valentine’s Day will do the talking for you.


Even though many different occasions are ideal for flowers, no rigid rules are holding you back. Every day is an apt day to send someone special flowers.

You don’t have to wait for any particular occasion to make someone’s day. In fact, sending someone a bouquet on a regular day and catching them off guard might be an even better way to let your loved ones know you are thinking of them. So, get in contact with a florist in Singapore and start planning for your next surprise bouquets!

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