4 Qualities To Embody When Learning A Language Online

You’re stuck at home due to the circuit breaker measures and have decided to learn a foreign language as a means to upgrade yourself. Learning a foreign language in itself is a challenging task, but learning it online is another ball together. Learning something in the comfort of your home may seem like a rather straightforward and some may even jump into the opportunity, thinking that it’s relatively easy.

Contrary to popular belief, online classes are no easier than those offered in a classroom setting. In some cases, the former can even be more challenging. Unfortunately, learning institutions have no choice but to move their lessons online to help curb the spread of the novel coronavirus. As tough as it is, you can still succeed! If you wish to thrive in your lessons, here are a few steps you may want to take.

1. Be Disciplined

One of the main reasons why online classes are slightly harder is due to its physical conditions. Unlike that of a classroom setting, you don’t have a teacher who can keep you on track, your classmates aren’t physically there to help you and you aren’t in a dedicated space for learning. Furthermore, if your ‘classroom’ is the very same device you use to surf the Internet and scroll through your social media, it’s tempting to deviate and shift your attention elsewhere. Besides, the physical environment also gives rise to physical distractions, taking even more time away from your learning.

Thus, it is crucial to be disciplined. You may want to dedicate a corner of your home where you can study efficiently – try not to do so on your bed as it’s the least productive place to get work done. Place your phone and other forms of distraction in another room so that you can focus on your learning.

2. Be Proactive

Since there’s no teacher physically present to keep your learning in check, you will have to be proactive. Be the one to ask questions and clarifications if you aren’t quite sure. This goes the same for your classmates as well. Ask around for help if you need any, and vice versa. In fact, take this time to practice your proficiency and fluency. Consider hosting regular video calls to converse with your classmates.

Actively acquiring knowledge may take a bit more effort on your part, but this proactive approach is guaranteed to increase retention and improve overall performance.

3. Be Resourceful

The online nature may have given access to many of us, but it’s not the case for those who don’t have a stable Internet connection coupled with a computer or a smartphone. For those who are privileged, make the best out of the resources! Apart from attending your Korean lessons online, listen to podcasts discussing Korean issues on your commute or as you do your house chores. You can also download Korean e-books and read them in your free time. Utilise the time you have wisely!

4. Never Give Up

Regardless of the subject matter, you will need to have the drive and vigour to achieve results. Picking up a foreign language isn’t an easy task and without determination, you will not be able to reach your desired goal. Thus, constantly remind yourself of your objectives and put in the effort needed to achieve it!

Similar to many learning institutions,  has decided to move our Korean classes online. We are dedicated to assisting you in your learning until you reach your desired proficiency and fluency level. Boast your Korean mastery once this circuit breaker ends!

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