4 Important Tips To Securing The Perfect Serviced Apartment

Fully furnished apartments for rent in Singapore may be an all-new concept in this day and age – but they’ve gained so much popularity ever since they sprung up! And it’s all thanks to the astounding facilities and accessibility they offer to home-hunters.

They provide individuals with freedom, affordability, privacy, and other benefits; making it a paradise for just about any newbie homestayers or soul-searching beings.

People have started comparing hotels and homestays to serviced apartments. Well, why shouldn’t they? After all, this new, yet, extremely amazing living concept has revolutionised the way we live in a rental home. However, not all serviced apartments offer the same facilities. You must consider certain factors while picking furnished apartments for your accommodation needs.

Read on and we will show you what exactly you have to take into consideration before renting a serviced apartment!

An equipped kitchen

The first thing to look for in a serviced apartment is the kitchen. Not only should the apartment offer an organised kitchen, but it must be well-equipped with all the essential appliances.

Haven’t you heard the saying “a happy stomach makes a happy heart”?

Which is why, you should pick an apartment with a properly equipped kitchen that comes with a stove, fridge, and a microwave to at least enhance your food and cooking preparation sessions. It’ll make way for an easier time when whipping up meals and lets you foster new relationships with other housemates!


No matter how busy your life is – you will definitely want to put aside some time for spending long hours watching your favourite shows!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a student or an entrepreneur – the same applies to everyone – there comes a time where you’ll need a break.

On the other hand, if you would prefer to step out of your room and loosen up by chatting others up – there are tons of communal spaces that let you do that! From reading lounges to gyms – you are bound to meet someone new.

All that’s left to do is make the first move and you would have made a new friend in no time.

Nearby amenities

Look around a little, and you’ll find a plethora of serviced apartments for long term budget options – but that doesn’t mean you can settle for any basic home.

If you are planning to use the serviced apartment for a year or two, you should consider the surrounding space before sealing the deal! Check out its surroundings and see if it matches your lifestyle.

You should find closeby amenities – such as public transport, F&B outlets, shopping malls, medical clinics, and so on! This will ensure you have your basic needs met without having to go out of your way.

Internet accessibility

Whether it’s for studying or working purposes – the Internet has become more of a necessity than a luxury in the recent era.

That means you’ll to rent a place which offers a high-speed and reliable internet connection. And as it turns out – that’s what you’re going to find in most serviced apartments!

Just make sure to double-check before you make your confirmation with the hostel operator – you want to make sure you have speedy Wi-Fi for your own needs.

Keep the above-listed factors in mind when you’re hunting for a serviced apartment and you’re in for a relaxing lifestyle. All the best!

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