4 Crucial Considerations When Picking The Ideal Hotel

Ironically, travelling for leisure can be hard work. After a full day of visiting attractions and partaking in exciting activities, all you really want to do is get some well-deserved rest. It is no surprise then that your choice of hotel can have a tremendous effect on your trip’s enjoyability.

Picking the right hotel can be tricky since there are so many things to consider. However, with COVID-19 keeping us grounded, for now, there is no better time to do some research. In this article, we will discuss some of the key factors that go into picking the perfect hotel for your trip abroad.


The type of hotel you choose has to align with your budget. There is no point in choosing to stay in a luxury five-star hotel, but ending up with insufficient funds for the other travel expenses. If your trip is focused around exploration and visiting landmarks, there is no shame in getting a more affordable hotel to leave you with a larger budget for the main event.

Of course, there are some hotels which are attractions all by themselves, such as beach resorts, or hot spring resorts. For those looking for a one-stop getaway without the fuss of touring, you can also consider paying a bit more to ensure you have a fun time.

Whichever hotel you choose, you should always make sure that you have sufficient funds to tide you through an emergency. You never know when a crisis will strike, and you find yourself needing to pay for medical treatment, or even repatriation via an air ambulance. In summary, choose a hotel that fits comfortably within your budget.

Room facilities

Another way to pick your hotel is by considering the room facilities. Even within the same budget range, different hotels could possess wildly varying facilities. Some of the facilities that we take for granted include WiFi, water heaters, universal plugs, and windows. Some may also require additional facilities for accessibility, like handlebars or ramps.

Whether you need these amenities will depend on your group’s preferences and needs. Those who plan to spend minimal time in the hotel may be more open to skimping on some facilities, while those planning to spend more time inside may want better amenities. In any case, you should be aware of the presence and absence of these facilities before making your decision.

Proximity to attractions

Most people use the hotel as a home base from which they can explore the locality. If this is your goal, it would be best to get a hotel in a central area. Staying close to the most popular landmarks gives you flexibility in deciding where and when to visit each one. It also gives you a convenient place to rest and recharge between stops, if necessary.

Having a hotel in a central area also saves you on costs. Travelling from the hotel to attractions and back would be faster and cheaper. That being said, hotels in prime locations may also be more costly. If you find a hotel that is slightly out of the way but significantly cheaper, it may be worthwhile to consider that one instead. At the end of the day, it is up to you to balance the costs of time, money, and effort.


Safety will always be a high priority when selecting accommodations. Facilities are often a good indication of how safe a hotel is. For example, the presence of a safe to keep your valuables, or a secure door lock, can suggest an adequate level of security. Other indications of a hotel with high safety standards include security guards and well-maintained sprinkler systems. Similarly, in the event of a medical emergency – you should know who to call when you’re in need of speedy, immediate medical evacuation.


We have discussed several factors that you can consider when deciding on your ideal hotel. But the responsibility falls on you to prioritise which factors matter the most to you, and do your research to make an informed decision. Regardless, be sure to choose a hotel that is both agreeable to your desires and safety.

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