3 Must-Haves When Preparing For Buddhist Funeral Rites

You can understand the value and importance of the loved one when he will die. The day of the funeral rites will remind you all. You cannot ignore the past activity and actions of the person. After finishing the life, the deceased must be buried with great respect. We have to follow all the rituals and traditions properly to leave the person in peace. Buddhist funeral service in Singapore is now available to provide easy and conventional funeral service.

Conventional Buddhist Funeral Service: In Buddhist funeral rites the mourners pay attention to the deceased with respect. They also consider the mournful situation of the family along with the deceased. The casket decorated with candles and set up by the relatives for the last wake. There are also flowers and fruits too. Traditionally, a photo of Buddha is placed near the deceased. The decoration of the funeral altar completed by the religious rituals.

Dress: The funeral dress is different from culture to culture.  There are several Buddhist heritages around the universe. Generally, the white dress is for the family members and the black is for their friends.

Suitable Behavior: During a Buddhist funeral, it is a custom to put the corpse on the altar quietly. The mourners will get time to show respect in front of the deceased. They take the prayer position and fold their hands in a quiet situation. After mourning the mourners should take their seats and wait until the funeral ceremony.

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